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October 12, 2008


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Well to say this hasnt been a crazy week is an Understatement (lol). I TRULY realised that some people (not all) in Secondlfe are kinda nutty and Paranoid they THRIVE on Drama. But alas I cannot allow myself to get caught up in their misconceptions of a Virtual world. After all do we truly know who or whom we seem to be building Virtual relations. Of course not..we can only assume the best and trust our gut instincts when relating to others. After all its a Virtual Game..Not Real life and should not be taken out of Context. The Metaverse Second life is a Guilty Indulgence that should take us away from everyday doldrums. Not to add stress or unwarranted visceral..As for me and my Close inner core of Sl friends we all agree. It is what it is… A Virtual Chat Room nothing more or less. When I log off from Sl,I log off. Secondlife doesn’t come into my Real Life at all. Now my avatar and I can sit back and Relax..and have a Mimosa (LOL).


October 10, 2008

My Project

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Its been Great so far on this Fashion design Journey..I was asked by a very dear Client if I could whip up a specail creation for her in Black… She wanted something Sophistcated and Chic.  Well i sat down at my Sl sewing machine and made a Fabulous dress just for her. Now if only I can getme soe good hair I”ll be Ok (smile)

October 8, 2008


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Today whilst sitting watching the Wizard of Oz with my Goddaughter.. I had a vision of gold . So I decided to create a lovely Dress  in gold…. its quite spectacular (smile). after seeing it  I had to Run allover Secondlife to look for shoes and accesories something with sparkle . I couldnt find a thing so I created my own Pave Canary yellow Diamond Earrings… That was a Stressful ordeal(all those Tiny prims).  well Im off to shoot my model hopefully she has the correct shoes( smile)!

Hello All

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Hello all my name is Applonia  am the Creative directress (lol) oF a New Secondlife Fashion Store Called Chantkare. I  have created  a fun Modern Hip store for all who love Secondlife couture and accessories, Time to time I shall post New Ideas and Previews of new inventory .  We hope you enjoy our comments etc, and If you are ever in Secondlife stop by and say hi.

Hello world!

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